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The open office

Open Offices. Last year, my co-workers and I built our colleague a cubicle. She was on a month-long sabbatical, and, knowing she'd need all the help she ...

Open Office Floor Plan

Image: Peshkova - stock.adobe.com

Businesspeople working at workstations in office. The open ...

... United John Mcaslan And Partners London Office, 79 William Road, London, Nw1, United

5 Studies that Prove Cubicles are Superior to Open Office Plans

W&P's open-plan office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


The State of the Open Office Research Study

Why Open-Plan Offices Don't Work (And Some Alternatives That Do)

The Open Office Isn't Dead

open office

Photograph by View Pictures/UIG via Getty

The open office plan is a disaster

Facebook, like many tech companies, uses the open-space office model. (Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images)


Facebook employees at work in their open-plan office. (Biz Herman for The Washington Post)

New Harvard Study: Your Open-Plan Office Is Making Your Team Less Collaborative | Inc.com


Microsoft's UK headquarters in London, designed by Gensler; the technology giant is a prime

Open Offices: One Size Does Not Fit All

open-plan office ...

Report: U.S. workers hate 'open' office spaces

View Larger Image Modern Open Office Space with Indoor Palms and White Sawhorse Desks

Open Office Space: Finding the Balance

A typical, modern open office.

Open-office floor plans are nothing new. In fact, many companies have adopted some variation of an open-office environment. We want employees to feel valued ...

Physical security & data security need to be complete to mitigate the possible security risks of. Open office plans are ...



Open office debate continues amid new research | Federal News Network

Surprisingly effective ways to hack open office spaces

Bivi. 1. Do you work in an open office?

The Open-Office Trap

Open office plans

Perils of the Open Office

An example of biophilic design at Etsy

Open office floor plans are quickly replacing the cubicle-heavy office spaces of yesteryear. While trendy, the open office layout isn't for everyone.

Design by Homepolish head of commercial design Shelly Lynch-Sparks, photos by Claire Esparros for Homepolish

Cubicles are rapidly disappearing in today's workplace as managers opt for the open office concept. The main purpose? To break down social barriers and ...

Open office concept a turn-off for some staff

Open-plan offices can be bad for your health

The Open Office Layout. Office

Workplace Trends: Open Office vs. Traditional Office Plans

An open office from 1937 — no headphones to block unwanted sound! Photo source: Wikimedia

A ...

Open Offices Design

8 ways to work in an open office without losing your mind

A startup called ROOM fights open-office layouts with new portable office spaces


Columns don't have to be open office nemeses.

Two rows of office workers facing each other in an open-floor plan office.

Employees working collaboratively in an open floor plan office

WATCH: Advantages of an open office plan

Episode 704: Open Office


Enlarge / Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

ANCXclusive: IKEA's bright Manila HQ makes the open office idea cool again | ABS-CBN News


"Get rid of the open-plan office" says Space10 co-founder Simon Caspersen

Open plan offices and plants from The Secret Little Agency in Singapore

Apple employees reportedly unhappy with open office plan at Apple Park

Debunking the open-office controversy

Apache Open Office review: The original Office alternative

The primary design component in an open-office ceiling that effectively minimizes speech transmission is a ceiling with a noise-reduction coefficient of ...

Research Digest

No doubt, there have been some terrible mistakes made in the name of improving the workplace. But there are some great successes as well.

people working in modern office


2. It Provides a More Relaxed Work Environment. An open ...

Employees in Open Offices Are More Active, Less Stressed

Companies Are Rethinking The Open Office, And It's About Time

Need to get your headstuck into a creative project but everyday distractions are getting in the way? Need to bounce ideas somewhere that isn't just inside ...

Open offices at Nike Communications Offices - New York City

A frank discussion about the open office concept

Office workstations – either open office or cubicles and private offices – can affect the activity

workplace acoustics

If Workers Hate Open Office Plans, Why Do They Keep Getting Built?